Monday, April 30, 2007

Losing Faith in the Royals

So, I dragged SC to all 3 Royals games this weekend when they came to Seattle. Yes, I watched all 3 games between 2 of the worst teams in baseball.

Anyway, I have never watched so many games in a row in person. It really does change your perspective because you get to see trends and what is really going on. Examples are a) it is strange how much David DeJesus's attention wanders during games, b) how bad of an outfielder Emil Brown is, c) how much of a game Teahan is - he hustles all the time.

My evaluation after this weekend of crappy baseball is that the Royals are doing their building effort a disservice by allowing so many subpar fielders to play. It was demoralizing to see our young pitching staff consistently hurt and put in bad situations due to our defense. In the 3 games, I saw poor fielding by Buck, Gordon, Pena, Grudz, Gload, DeJesus, and Brown. I will ignore Brown because he is widely known to suck and it is a management decision to play him. That said, I had no idea the others were so bad. Grudz in particular didn't make several plays that he should have made. Some were ruled errors and some just hits, but he didn't make plays he should have.

I know we can't pay for great hitters like ARod, but can't we scrape together a decent fielding one? Given the number of young starters we have, it is the least we can do to support them.

Given the way our hitters are performing, its not like we can hit worse.


At 12:11 PM, Blogger JD said...

> I dragged SC to all 3 Royals games

You really don't want her to like baseball, eh?

At 3:31 PM, Blogger wallyts said...

heh. yeah, in hindsight this wasn't such a good idea.

in a word, she would summarize the experience as "boring". :)


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