Saturday, May 27, 2006

Moore for GM?

Rumors have been floating around that the Royals are actively looking around for a replacement for Baird. But it wasn't until recently that names started floating around. One such rumor has the job being offered to Dayton Moore, assistant GM of the Braves. While I don't know if he's got the qualifications for the job, it's reassuring to know that he seems to fully understand the situation as it seems the major hurdle to this deal going through is that Moore wants written assurance from Glass that he will have complete control over personnel matters.

Watch out though, if this deal doesn't complete, then Royals fans likely will have another 10 years of frustration as they deal with the next Glass lackey.

Of course, one also has to consider that even though this story was posted on Saturday, who knows when it was actually written. It's possible that yesterday's victory over the Yankees has changed Glass's mind over the Royals' state of affairs. I wouldn't put it past him, anyway.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

News that brings a smile

Amidst a 10 game losing streak there is one bit of good news for Royals fans in the baseball world. The seemingly indomitable Yankees have not only signed Terrence Long to a minor league contract, but they called him up yesterday and started him!

Feel free to laugh to your heart's content at this Baird-like maneuver.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My optimism has never before been so tested...

Amazing how we manage to lose games. Mind-boggling.

The most mind-boggling thing I've seen this year though has been Buddy Bell. He is the worst manager in the history of the Royals. Considering we've had Pena and Muser and Bob Boone, that's saying a lot.

How is he not playing Huber more. Because Minky "doesn't deserve that?" What the hell kind of crap is that? Now he's going to be starting Graf regularly at 3B instead of German. Oh, and tonight, Buck is resting so Bako - who turns 217 years old this year - can play.

What the hell kind of youth movement is this? Didn't we hire Bell in large part because he knew how to handle young players? This is ridiculous! If we're not going to play Huber, then send him back down so he can play regularly. Graf is a utility player - let German start at 3B considering he's been our best hitter all year. Buck is young - let him play more. This is absolutely ridiculous. Our team is run by an absolute idiot (have you seen Bell's quotes in the Star? my god...), and Baird needs to be fired ASAP. Though I think it won't really matter in the end since Glass still controls this team, and he has got to be one of the worst owners ever. Oh for the days of Miles Prentice!!

Argh. I still think we have talent on this team and in the minors. But the people running things are just so horrid that they are not only masking that talent, but threatening to ruin it (if they haven't ruined it already).

Boo. My optimism is on its last legs...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Royal optimism?

Could this be a light at the end of the tunnel for Royals fans?

Glass unhappy

I put the over/under for Baird's firing at June 1st.