Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Forget about the WRs, what about Corey Simon?!

Man, I know we would love a #1 WR, but what about Corey Simon. He is an unrestricted free agent, and a great defensive lineman. Last I saw we had a bunch of decent ones. Definitely no one that required a double team. If we could figure out a way to sign him, all the other lineman would perform better too.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Couple options at WR

So I just read on espn that Atlanta released Peerless Price and Cincinatti released Peter Warrick. I wonder if we'll bring either of them for a look? Both have performed well below expectations and there have been some questions about the work habits of both. But both of those apply to Freddy Mitchell, and we didn't seem to have hesitations bringing him in. While we have some depth at WR, I don't think there's a whole lot of talent amidst that depth. I wouldn't mind seeing Price brought in as a 3rd receiver with the possibility of working up to 2nd.

Any thoughts?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Long hiatus over

Whose long hiatus? The Royals from the win column? No no no. I could only dream. My hiatus is over though. It's been almost three months since I posted. The last time was after we spent the Yankees. Only fitting, then, that I resume after we get swept by the Yankees.

In between, what have we missed. Oh let's see. How about some horrible play by 95% of our team, some backwards steps by some of our youngsters, and oh, just for kicks, let's throw in a 19 game losing streak. Yuck.

Despite it all, though, I was set to go to two games this weekend when the Royals came to the Bronx. Friday night, I went with a friend and her coworkers. Wood looked real solid for about 5 innings, before serving up a BP pitch to Old Man Bernie Williams, who summoned his waning strength and launched it out of the park. Then it was downhill from there. 5-1 in the end. The lowlight was perhaps Wood falling off the mound and being heckled and laughed at by the entire stadium. Adding insult to injury.

Saturday, we were up 7-3 in the 9th. I was thinking, "Oh, sure. We win the one game that I'm not attending." And of course, this would turn out to be untrue. 5 runs later (after Affeldt slipped on the rosin bag and misthrew a double play ball that would have ended the game), we're 8-7 losers.

Sunday, it was all overcast and supposed to thunderstorm all afternoon, so we cancelled our plans to go. Instead I watched on TV and was thankful I wasn't there to see Giambi go off for two homeruns and seven RBI. I *HATE* Giambi, that lousy steroid-using, son-of-a-bitch cheater.

"At least he admitted what he did!" ... Bullshit. He never admitted it because his lawyers wouldn't let him. And if he hadn't cheated in the first place, he'd have nothing to be teary-eyed about.

"It's nice to see him turn his season around." ... Since when should I start feeling sorry for a guy who only got famous in the first place because he was a cheater? I don't want to see him do well. I want to see him completely tank and get the shitty ending he deserves.

... but I digress. I think I may have gotten off topic there for a second. Ahem.

Anyways, Wally has started posting again so I'm following his lead. I think I'm done talking about the Royals for the rest of this season. There are some silver linings to the year (DeJesus looks solid again; MacDougal has been good; Huber, Butler, and Lubanski all had solid years in the minors), but overall, what a crappy season. Time to move on to the Chiefs. I think our offense will be unstoppable again, but this time we've got a solid defense to go with it. They looked punishing in the Arizona game (which I got to see on TV back home). I'm psyched. LET'S GO CHIEFS!

Oh, and to piggy-back off of Walt's posts, I think we all know the clear favorite for SM East this year is the Manwhores =)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

SMEast: Western Division Review

Ok, so i'm tired of cleaning my room and justin has asked me for a division prediction. The Western Division is clearly the toughest and it may be hard for the 2nd place team to win the wild card. Let's start there. The 4 teams are Empire, Philly 40 Killers, Manwhore United, and DC Tarbabies.

Let's look at the 4 teams by position:
QB: With Mark Bulger, the Philly 40 Killers are the class of the division. Too close to call between Trent Green and the KC Offense vs. Kerry Collins who gets to play the KC Defense. I always underestimate Trent. The Tarbabies with Jake Delhomme and David Carr bring up the rear.

RB: Everyone has stud RB's so I'll be splitting hairs here. First, I have to go with Empire. Deuce and Davis are two proven stud running backs. My biggest concern here is depth. Behind these two, Empire has 2 rookies. Next, I'll take the Manwhores with LT2 and S.Jackson. The only reason I put them second is the unsettled St Louis line. If I had more faith there, they'd be first. Finally, it is too close for me to call between the All-Rehab team of McGahee/Taylor vs. the juju of Julius and Jordan.

WR: This is the easiest call. With two of the top 5 WR's, the Tarbabies have the best WR's in the league. Plus, with Owens and Chad Johnson, the owner may not even need to talk shit. His WR's may do that for him too. In second, the Manwhores again with D.Jackson and N.Burleson. Has DJack had a catch in the pre-season? Maybe tonight against Surtain. The Empire is third with the injured Porter and Reggie Wayne. Philly comes in last with a mixed collection including the bizarre pick of the draft: Antonio Bryant.

TE: This one is also easy. Tarbabies can catch passes, because Gates their TE rounds out the best receiver corp in the league. Too bad he'll miss week 1. Empire comes in second with McMichael and Franks. Two legit TE's.

K: who knows. it's quite the crapshoot. If I had to pick, I'd take Wilkins just because he has won me a championship before.

Def: Monte has cornered the market on NY defenses. But, no one has ever claimed NYC has good air defense. Matt's the pick here with the Steeler's D.

Final Standings:
The week 1 game of Manwhores vs. Tarbabies decides it between the two. With Gates out, the Tarbabies are vunerable, but Matt's team faces tough defenses up and down the lineup. Stephen Jackson goes off for a big game, but that is it. Philly 40 Killers do their best, but they can't drink a 40 in 17 seconds, so no go. However, if he trades some of his running back riches for a WR, watch out. Otherwise, Tarbabies win the division.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

SM East Fantasy Football: It's asstastic...

So, yet another year of our fantasy football league begins. From Sandbox (individual defensive players) to ESPN (keepers) and now to (authenticity - crappy, but authentic) Last night was the draft, and there isn't a clear winner this year. With so few starting positions, everyone has a decent team. Last year, I thought the Pimp Daddies would run away with it.

Team by Team recap:
Cocky Asians: Iffy picks across the board, starting with Priest at #2. Suspect QB's with Harrington and Vick. If Vick breaks out and LJ takes over, the team could challenge. Draft fell apart at the end.

DC Pimp Daddies: A solid team. I like James.

DC Tarbabies: Dominant WR's, but can his QB and RB2 hold up? RB2- Yes. QB - ???

KC Lynch Mob: If GB plays well, he will win it.

Lawrence Holdouts: A middle of the pack team.

Manwhore United: I'm not sold at QB and WR2, but LT2 could carry him.

Norwegian Snowpimps: Iffy at RB and WR. Middle of the pack team.

Nut Butter: Wren the autodrafter. If he could nab a RB2, he could be ok.

Philly 40 Killer: I like the team except for the Bryant pick.

PO Linebackers: I want to like this team b/c of Peyton, but don't like the RB's.

PM Snarfs: If his QB's pan out, will contend.

The Empire: Deuce/Porter/Wayne are good. No love for the rookie RB's.

Pre-Season Favorite: LynchMob because Favre goes off.