Monday, February 27, 2006

Hype time....

This time of year is boring. There really isn't much besides boring NBA games. March Madness is coming up. Spring training is getting hyped up. The NFL draft is getting in depth coverage. And this year features the World Baseball Classic. Yawn...

My big hope is that the Jayhawks get in the tournament and surprise by doing well. None of the rest really excite me at this point. The Chefs have a crappy draft spot due to a good, but not good enough season. And the World Baseball Classic has the hype of a business initiative by MLB to make more money. Blech.

Anyway, i'm headed to Phoenix next week to hang out with my brother and take in a few games. If you are interested in coming, let me know.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lima time!

The best negative fantasy pitcher in baseball has just signed a minor league deal with the NY Mets. Royals fans, it's time to rejoice as it makes it that much harder for Baird to resign Jose. Though, considering Baird and his penchant for mediocre "veteran" pitchers, you never know.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Chiefs Recap

Following in the tradition of being very late in posting, here are my thoughts on this past year and next year for the Chiefs.

This past year:
Sigh. This is the team i really follow and they have been pretty disappointing. All the excitement of DJ and the free agent signings dissipated with the loss at Philly and the backbreaker was the loss at Buffalo. Knowing we had a hellish stretch to close out the year, the loss at Buffalo sucked. The only bright point to end the year was Larry Johnson. And sadly, he doesn't even want to play for the Chiefs.

Biggest Disappointment: Kendrell Bell.
Runner Up: Priest Holmes.

Biggest Revelation: Without Willie Roaf, we are toast. We haven't developed any young lineman and are in big trouble when the Willies retire.

Biggest Waste of Space on the team: Tie. Junior Siavii and Ryan Sims.

Do I think Herm Edwards is the answer? No.

Pitchers and Catchers report

Ok, apologies, I've been lax in my Royals related posts.

First, Rob Neyer on Rob and Rany posted again. They don't cover this upcoming year really, they just lament how pathetic the Royals organization is. Sigh. It is true.

Let's just think a moment about this organization. Last year, Emil Brown led the team in runs, rbis, and stolen bases. Are you ready to cry yet? Well, onto this offseason's activity:

Signings: Pitcher Scott Elarton, Second baseman Mark Grudzielanek, outfielder Reggie Sanders, first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, and catcher Paul Bako.

New faces by way of trade: Esteban German and Mark Redman.

Are you excited yet? What do we have? At best a bunch of league average veterans that we are paying commensurate salaries to. Can we afford to do that? No. Sigh. There we go.