Friday, August 18, 2006

Herm's mark

While Wally makes like the Royals with all his fantasy teams (I believe he's "fighting" for a record 3 straight last place teams, 1 basketball, and 2 pending baseball) and Matt makes like the Chiefs...solid...contender, I just wanted to chime in about Herm's impact on the Chiefs.

As you've probably already read, GM Carl Peterson has already said that he expects the team to rush 500+ times. Obviously this makes Trent Green and his through-the-air brethren unreliable for fantasy. However, this is going to mean two more BIG things.
1) Larry Johnson will be a monster this year. Forget Willie Roaf's retirement, if you touch the ball 400+ times, you're going to get your yards.
2) With everything good, there's always a bad, and much like Ozzie Guillen's overuse of his pitching staff in 2005 and their subsequent subpar numbers this year, I'll say it right here, LJ is going to breakdown in 2007 under Herm "we play to win the game" Edwards. Just look at Curtis Martin. Huge year in 2004. Broken in 2005. Retirement talks in 2006. Sure LJ is a bit younger, but you can bet Herm Edwards will take some years off those legs.

So for all you Chiefs fans. This is the year. If they don't win it this year, it'll be a few years before they recover from Herm and his conservative ball/poor time management ways.